• Hatafat Dam Brit: When a child is born as if circumcised, or has been circumcised before the eighth day in a hospital, a ritual called “Hatafat Dam Brit” is required. This symbolic Brit involves drawing a drop of blood from the shaft of the penis. The child also is named at this time.

  • Conversion/Adoption: When both parents are Jewish, the child is Jewish. If only one parent is Jewish, the child's religion is determined by that of the birth mother. If the birth mother is not Jewish, the child must be converted. For a boy, the first step in this process is Brit Milah, followed by immersion in a “Mikveh(ritual bath), as soon as the child is able to enjoy a bath..
"Anyone who rears a child in his home is considered as though he/she had given birth to him." (Ketubbot 50a) If a male child born of a non-Jewish mother is adopted by Jewish parents, he also must undergo conversion. The process is as described above. The adoptive parents assume responsibility for Brit Milah and Mikveh as well as for the many other educational obligations, which lead to the child's understanding and acceptance of Torah and Mitzvot. An older child or adult male who wishes to convert to Judaism also must undergo Brit Milah, or Hatafat Dam Brit, and Mikveh.

Additional information on adoption or conversion can be obtained by contacting your Rabbi. If you are unaffiliated please feel free to Contact Me or E-Mail me directly at ijb@floridamohel.com. You may also contact me by phone.